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Welcome to a platform that values your training prowess and believes in the transformative power of education

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Welcome to a platform that values your training prowess and believes in the transformative power of education. Fixity EDX invites you to become a Training Partner and join us on our mission to provide top-tier education and upskilling opportunities to learners across the globe. As a Training Partner, you have the chance to collaborate, create, and contribute to shaping the next generation of skilled professionals.

Why Partner with FixityEDX

Collaborating with Fixity EDX means joining forces with a visionary educational platform. Here’s why becoming a Training Partner is a win-win

Share Your Expertise

Your training and industry knowledge will help learners acquire practical skills that set them apart in their careers.

Global Outreach

Partnering with Fixity EDX gives you access to a global audience, allowing you to impact lives beyond geographical boundaries.

Innovative Collaboration

Collaborate with our experienced team to create engaging training content that aligns with industry needs and trends.


Showcase your training expertise to a wider audience, enhancing your professional visibility and credibility.

Joining Hands with FixityEDX

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Experience the Future of Education with FixityEDX

Fixity EDX stands as a beacon of innovation, offering a dynamic platform that fuses education and technology. Your collaboration with us opens doors to limitless growth, as the demand for skill development and upskilling continues to surge. With flexible partnership options, joint marketing ventures, and our commitment to excellence, Fixity EDX is your gateway to a brighter future in the world of education. 

Your Role as a Training Partner

Join Our Mission

Shape the future of education with your training expertise. By becoming a Training Partner at Fixity EDX, you’re contributing to a powerful learning ecosystem that uplifts learners and transforms lives.

Ready to Partner with Us

If you’re excited about imparting valuable skills and knowledge to eager learners worldwide, reach out to us today. Contact us to initiate your journey as a Training Partner with Fixity EDX. Let’s collaborate to create an education landscape that empowers individuals and drives professional growth.