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Dive into the world of data magic with our Power BI Certification Course. Uncover the secrets of Power BI, making data analysis and become a pro at creating stunning visuals that tell your data’s unique story!

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Power BI Training

The Power BI certification training provides a comprehensive understanding of Power BI tools and features. Participants will learn to connect to various data sources, transform and model data, create interactive visualizations and reports, and publish them to the Power BI service. The training covers Power Query, Power Pivot, Power View, and Power Map, enabling participants to become proficient in the entire Power BI suite. 

This Power BI training module will help you understand what Power BI Desktop is, how it works, and apply the best practices to build robust data models and interactive reports to amplify your business intelligence. 

  • Overview of workflow  in power bi desktop
  • Introduction to different views of the data model
  • Taking a closer look at the query editor interface
  • Required Power BI Settings

The Query Editor in Power BI lets you transform and load data, while DAX allows you to add functions and formulas to your data models. In this Power BI online course module, you’ll learn all things about Power Query and DAX from basic to advanced through hands-on labs and lectures.

  • What is a query Editor?
  • About the attached data
  • Connecting Power BI Desktop to the data
  • Editing Rows
  • Understanding Append Queries
  • Editing Columns
  • Replacing Values
  • Formatting Data
  • Pivoting & Unpivoting Columns
  • Splitting Columns
  • Creating a new Group for the queries
  • \Intro Star Schema
  • Duplicating & Referencing Queries
  • Entering Data Manually
  • Merging Queries
  • Creating an Index Column
  • Duplicating Column and extracting info
  • Creating Conditional Columns
  • Performing Basic Mathematical Operations
  • Improving Performance and Loading Data into Data Model
  • Module Summary

Learn about the structure of modeling in Power BI and the importance of relationships through this Power BI Certification Course module. Also, understand how to create customized calculations using DAX. 

  • Query Editor & the data model. Why are they different?
  • Intro to relationships
  • Editing relationships
  • Concepts are cardinality
  • Cross Filter selection & Many to many relationship
  • Active properties
  • M-Language & DAX. How are they different?
  • DAX | Measures | Calculated Values
  • DAX will include complex functions like Calculate, SUM, SUMX, RELATED, ALLEXCEPT, CONCATENATE, LOOKUPVALUE, IF, SEARCH, DATEADD, DIVIDE, and many more.
  • Categorizing Data

Data visualization is the front-end of any business intelligence application. This online Power BI training module introduces the most common types of visualizations in Power BI such as Bar charts, line charts, etc. You’ll also discover some common tools used for formatting visuals as well as best practices for working with Power BI Desktop.

  • Report view interface
  • Creating visuals
  • Add tooltips and interactions/markings
  • Data color
  • Hierarchies & Drill-down
  • Formatting charts & Sorting
  • Introduction to slicers
  • Treemaps & Tables
  • Types of filters
  • Multi-row cards
  • Combined visuals & waterfalls

This Power BI course module will help you understand the concepts of Power BI Service and Power BI Mobile in detail. It explains how to create interactive dashboards, advanced data connection options available, how a data gateway can be used, and more. 

  • Why Power Bi Service?
  • Comparison Power BI Free & Premium
  • Logging into Power Bi Service
  • Interface overview
  • Importing data from Desktop to Service
  • Dataset menu
  • Working on reports
  • Dashboard overview
  • Workspace & Gateways
  • Installing Gateways – Personal & On-premise
  • Working alone or collaborating with colleagues
  • Collaborating in App Workspace
  • Sharing the results
  • Publishing the app
  • Content packs from online services
  • Power Bi Mobile Overview
  • Excluding dataset from sharing

This module discusses the types of data sources available in Power BI.

  • JSON Data
  • Importing data from the rest of the APIs
  • Setting up a SQL Server
  • Importing data from SQL Server

Lastly, you’ll see how the PowerApp can be applied to Power BI with a practical example in this module.

  • Overview
  • Basic Power App Concept
  • Canvas Apps | Navigation | Customisation
  • Contents (Galleries, Data Cards, Forms, Triggers, Functions & Formulas, Edit Forms, Text Boxes)

Fixity EDX offers advanced Power BI interview questions and answers along with Power BI resume samples. Take a free sample practise test before appearing in the certification to improve your chances of scoring high.

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FixityEdx –Power Bi certification courses

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Power BI Certification Course

Show the world that you have pursued one of the best in the industry.

Yes, the Power BI certification is recognized globally as a validation of your skills and expertise in using Power BI for data analysis and visualization. It is widely accepted by employers and organizations. 

Yes, Microsoft offers a certification exam called “Analyzing Data with Power BI” (Exam DA-100) that validates your knowledge and skills in using Power BI. 

The duration of the Power BI certification training can vary depending on the specific course and learning format. It can range from a few days to several weeks, depending on the depth of content covered. 

FixityEdx – Professional certificate in Power Bi
Power BI Certification Course

Power BI consists of Power Query for data preparation, Power Pivot for data modeling, Power View for interactive visualizations, and Power BI Desktop for report creation and publishing. 

Yes, Power BI can connect to a wide range of data sources, including databases, spreadsheets, online services, and cloud platforms, allowing users to consolidate and analyze data from various systems. 

Power BI offers both cloud-based and on-premises options. Users can choose to work with Power BI Desktop on their local machines or utilize the Power BI service for cloud-based collaboration and sharing. 

Yes, Power BI has the capability to handle large volumes of data. With the Power BI service, users can import and analyze datasets ranging from small to large-scale enterprise data. 

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Shivani Guggilla
Shivani Guggilla
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The training provided by Fixity EDX is comprehensive and well-structured, ensuring a deep understanding of the subject matter.The content offered is relevant and providing valuable insights and practical knowledge.The support system at Fixity EDX is commendable, offering prompt assistance and guidance whenever needed.
Tirupathi Reddy
Tirupathi Reddy
Read More
I say fixity edx is one of the platform to enchance our skills according to the industry environment.The trainers available here are industry experts and giving crystal clear explanation on the subject the support executives here are giving very good support and content present in the lms is very good it will create very good learning experience.
Shaik Umar Farooq
Shaik Umar Farooq
Read More
I joined fixity edx in last month. From last month I observed that classes were conducting with senior IT professional .The training members are very friendly with the students interms of clarifying the doubts and repeating the topics again and again untill student understand without any hesitation and also the support team was too good with students to helps the students with to contact with training members .
Mayur Hatwar
Mayur Hatwar
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The Fixity edX Python certification course offers a strong curriculum, clear instruction, and practical projects. With knowledgeable instructors and a valuable certification, it's an excellent choice for mastering Python skills.
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I am currently pursuing my final year in B.Tech at Indur Institute of Engineering and Technology, Siddipet,in the course of EEE and I recently had the privilege of undergoing advanced training with FIXITY-EDX, a remarkable company specializing in comprehensive IT education. I enrolled in their 'Full Stack Python Course,' and the experience was truly transformative.
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I am grateful for learning Java..The sessions which you had told are very nice.I hope this learning journey is going great and will give confidence for my future.!! Thank you!!
Dasaram SaiKumar
Dasaram SaiKumar
Read More
FIXITYEDX's digital marketing course offers thorough training, covering diverse aspects with practical examples. The LMS content is organized and accessible, including quizzes and assignments and the support given by trainers and the delivery team is outstanding which makes a person upskilled and industry-ready.
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